Pastoral Care Ministry

The Pastoral Care Ministry is responsible for the ministry to the members of the church, the family, or community.   It is the helping hands and lifting hearts part of the ministry.  The Minister of Pastoral Care heads this team and is responsible for its day today operation.

Minister of Pastoral Care

Elder Shekinah A. Manigault


  • To promote a presence of love, friendliness and warmth to visitors and members upon entering the church
  • To formally acknowledge and welcome visitors to our Sunday Worship Services
  • To familiarize visitors and new members with the layout of the church
  • To support the Pastor and Church Auxiliaries with hosting needs


The following teams come under the oversight and direction of the Minister of Pastoral Care.

  • Counseling Ministry
  • Visitation Ministry
  • Prison Ministry
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Home Ministry
  • Marriages/Christenings/Funerals
  • Minister Staff/Development

Ministerial Staff:

  • Elder Stanley Boykins
  • Minister Patricia Carter
  • Elder Stacy Handy
  • Minister Spencer Key
  • Elder George W. Manigault, III
  • Elder Shekinah Manigault
  • Elder Jerome Morris
  • Minister Yvetha Morris
  • Evang Virginia Strong

Deacon/Deaconess Staff

  • Deaconess Aisha Boykins
  • Deacon Frank Carter
  • Deaconess Tammy Key
  • Deaconess Hattie McCray
  • Deacon Vance Mills
  • Deaconess Geraldine Sims

Usher Board

Sister Maria Grant, Chairperson


  • Deaconess Hattie
  • Evangelist Virginia Strong

Couples  Ministry (AGAPE Fellowship)

  • Elder Stanley Boykin
  • Deaconess Aisha Boykin
  • Pastor Cathy McCray-Manigault
  • Bishop G. Warren Manigault